Having seen yet another story regarding a former professional footballer Gordon McQueen now struggling with Dementia linked to his playing career, added to other high profile stories from other elite sports players.

Gordon Mcqueen

Steve Thompson

Muhammad Ali

The knee jerk reaction is to ban heading the ball in football, tackles above the waist in Rugby, numerous restrictions in Boxing especially around the wearing of head guards in the amateur competitions.

These measures not only make the sport more sterile, but increasingly more difficult to enforce.

What if there was another way to prevent head injuries?


Research has shown that measures taken to precondition the brain, prevents serious head injuries in the same way conditioning training for the body helps to prevent injuries on the pitch on in the ring.

Utilising the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy pre season as part of the conditioning programme could provide vital protection.

Obviously, the other benefits of HBOT if used as part of the conditioning programme will see increased endurance, improved performance, faster decision making with greater cognitive behaviour to list just a few.

Preconditioning the brain with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy before Stroke/TBI to reduce damage


Following any head injury or suspected head injury sustained during playing/training, having a consistent response by way of having a minimum HBOT protocol. Would effectively manage and repair any damage caused.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for persistent Post Concussion


Regardless of how old the injury is or whether it is showing signs of Dementia, there is still good solid evidence that HBOT can help to repair the damage caused.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Sports related TBI

Oxygen Wellbeing

We would like to propose the following structured approach to not only preventing Head Injuries, but also management and repair of potential and existing head injuries.

Preconditioning – 5 x 60min sessions

Management – 10/40 x 60min sessions dependant on severity of injury

Repair – 40 x 60min sessions



Owing to the Chambers we use, it is possible to provide on-site at any training venue or in the relaxing environment of our clinics.


We use chambers provided by Henshaw, one of the leading Hyperbaric Chamber suppliers in the U.K.

All of our chambers operate at Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen pressure and do not use pure oxygen, making them extremely safe to use.

These chambers are easy to use and are in regular use in clients homes, evidenced by the purchases made by Premiership footballers.

We are extremely keen to provide an alternative and protection for those involved in contact sport and would welcome having the opportunity to demonstrate the fantastic benefits HBOT provides.

Please get in touch and help us to make a difference.