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Back when Dr. Scott Sherr started learning about integrative and holistic medicine, pretty much everything that wasn’t in a little orange bottle got lumped under the umbrella term “alternative medicine” — which is to say, yes, Dr. Sherr is a real medical doctor, but he’s a very progressive health practitioner and he’s been exposed to these ideas for pretty much his entire life.

So, while there’s no love lost between me and the medical-industrial complex, I have a lot of respect for people like Dr. Sherr who advocate for more effective and more personalized healthcare solutions for everyone. And, in this episode, he will teach you everything you need to know about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), a relatively new medical technology with profound healing potential.

If you’re not familiar, HBOT involves sitting in a high-pressure oxygen environment. The oxygen-rich air drives up to 1200% more oxygen into the bloodstream and other fluids, super-saturating the body with oxygen to drive the regeneration of damaged tissue, strengthen the immune system, and provide the body with greater opportunity for healing.

Some of the recoveries that Dr. Sherr has seen seem downright miraculous, but I think that’s just a glimpse into one possible future of human medical science. Our bodies are capable of tremendous things — and as we start to unlock that through technology like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, we are going to start doing the impossible.

Well, if profit and regulation don’t drive us all into an early grave first.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

Growing up without ever going to a conventional medical doctor and then choosing to go to medical school The more traditional routes that a doctor can take are tantalizing — but when you really want to help people, it doesn’t matter The medical history of using pressure to change human physiology Why hyper-oxygenating an area in the human body can prevent it from dying Why both allopathic medicine and crazy hippies agree that HBOT is awesome How biohackers can optimize their time in hyperbaric chambers Combining hyperbaric oxygen therapy with sensory deprivation chambers Why people in hyperbaric oxygen chambers are better at multitasking How hyperbaric treatment can improve erectile dysfunction Why reversing or mitigating the effects of aging isn’t actually as radical as you might think Working with past guest Dr. Ted Achacoso The nootropic we took before starting this conversation

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